Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wondering What to Do Next

Pape and I drove all the way to Maurepas, Louisiana which is 129 miles from Lewisburg, Louisiana. We took 2 cars to go and came back in one. Gosh, I was glad we were coming back in one since I don't think I could have driven back alone. I slept from Denham Springs all the way to Lafayette. All that extra sewing time last night caught up with me and I ran out of my meds yesterday. Pape has gone to get them filled since he dislikes this apathy that hits me when I don't take them.

When we got back, I went outside and read the magazine that I got from my eldest daughter. I took a book too but it was not the one I really wanted. I wanted the "Leaders and Enders" but took the "Reversible Quilts". Oh, well! I will get the other soon enough if things go the way Pape wants them to go.

Dorothy showed me 3 of the quilts she is working on. She does such beautiful work and is fast. She quilts using the quilt as you go method and does such a beautiful job. The woman is a worker...she holds down a full time job, takes care of and cooks for 3 kids, a husband, 2 dogs, a cat, a mother-in-law, a in-and-out step-son with granddog, and still finds time to complete quilts! Dang,I want to be that woman when I grow up ---not. Too much for other people with no time for self...I have become too protective over my ME-Time.

My youngest daughter and her children came over to bring me the weedeater. Sometimes between now and the weekend, I intend to work in my backyard. Lee comes in from there with more junk stuck to his coat than a goat.

Anyway, Spirit had a great time running from Pape's "trained bees" and playing with the peanuts her aunt gave Pape. (I think that her mom ate more than Spirit plus Pape did.) Chris bounced the basketball around and was as happy as a lark. We discussed 4th grade vs. 5th grade and I still think that if the LEAP is passed that 5th is the way to go.

Spirit told me about the field trip that her class went on today. It is LEAP time and little kids do not understand that they have to be especially quiet. I don't envy the teachers at this time of year. It is very stressful for all of the stakeholders - parents, students, teacher, and all staff. Glad I am retired!

Now that the skull top is complete, I have to make up my mind as to what I want to do. Should I work on Tanya's graduation quilt or on the "Mystery from H__L" blocks or on the "Autumn Leaves" in batics or on the "Black and Scrapy" New York Beauty blocks or on the applicate "BOM" or prepare things for the t-shirt quilt at BQ or make a purse from one on my three new patterns or work in EQ6 to design the Saints quilt that Steven wants or complete an UFO? Gosh, so many choices!!! I seem to have started lots of projects while working on the skulls.

I know! First, I will clean my machine and then I will clean and rearrange my sewing room. Then I will work on whatever hits my fancy.

As I work on the next project, I have to baste (UGH) the skull quilt and start quilting it. Denise from BQ suggested that I go there and take the class on their new longarm system. Then from there I can baste my quilt and/or rent the longarm to quilt it. Sounds like a plan that can be brought to fruitation by May 14th.

I have a stash question...do you count large scraps received from someone else as fabric added or is it just a freebie?

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