Monday, April 19, 2010

Homework that I Want to Do!!

I went to BQ and got the directions and leaders to pin baste the skull quilt for machine quilting tomorrow, Tuesday, April 20th. That date will be a RED LETTER day for this year - the day that dang skull quilt was quilted aka finished. At this point in my journey with the skull top, the binding is just a passing thought that I will finish in BR on Wednesday night.

I have the books, DVD, and handwritten instructions so I am ready to start the minute we ge back from bowling tonight. I am so excited.
I only hope that my grandson knows how hard I have worked on this top with only him in mind. It looks nothing like the book because it has a personality of its own as does he! Part of me knows that he won't appreciate the personal time and money that is invested in this quilt. He won't understand that there are only 2 repeats in fabric skulls or that it is my first attempt at longarm quilting. Both big events in a quilter's life.
One day I hope that he will proudly tell someone that his grandma made this just for him and that all those eyeballs are her looking after him because he is so close to her heart.
Logically, I know that it will probably be put in a corner and not used often just like the one his mom made his older brother.
So sad but I made this quilt not only for him but for myself too. It was a work of love with lots of prayer asking blessing for him and that he be kept safe every time it was worked on. Those prayers will be there as will the blood stains on the back of some of the skulls long after I have gone to meet my Higher Power. Love lives on! Circle never ending always growing and you will always fit in that Circle never ending always growning and you will always fit in that...(repeat from beginning)
Tomorrow I will post pictures of me working on the longarm etc and a picture of the quilted skull top. Lator gators.

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