Monday, April 19, 2010

Design Wall Monday

The birds are singing up a storm outside my window and I just thanked my Higher Power for blessing me with health and the wisdom to retire. Retirement is wonderful because at 9:47am central time, I am sitting at my computer listening to the mockingbirds thru an open window still in my pjs. Wonderful feeling for me! I know it won't last since I will have to return to some type of working later but for now I am as happy as that singing mockingbird.

My design wall is overflowing since I finished piecing the skull quilt.
I am working on a black scrappy New York Beauty that I want to turn into a curved life road quilt. I am still working out the way to continue the road effect. I think that I will add black pieces and then applicate the missing "road" pieces. It is a work in progress with lots of thought. It will be for one of my grandsons either as a graduation quilt or wedding quilt. That depends on whether it is finished by graduation May, 2011 or not. I don't think the wedding will be until after 2012 but who knows.
The second piece I am working on is Autumn Leaves. It is too scrappy for me but will make a good give-away or to practice machine quilting.

Then on my door I have the stars that I am making as a BOM called Be There or Be Square. This has been claimed as a 2012 graduation quilt by Jerri, foster gd.

On the side wall, I have the piece I am doing as a rememberance of my brother, Roy. I think I will use pieces from his blue jeans as borders but am unsure. It may never leave that wall b/c it makes me happy seeing it there.
Well, gators, that is my design wall. The big event this week is the quilting of the skull quilt as Annie sang "Tomorrow, Tomorrow!"

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  1. Wow, lots going on at your place! Love the scrappy NY beauty! Never dared to try one of these - yet...