Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Quilted with Love

The skull quilt is quilted. I am not pleased with the borders and I have a few things to straighten out on the backing. I enjoyed the experience but think that a longarm is not for me. At least not one that is without a computer, it is easy to use but did not give me the results I wanted and that was not the HQ18's fault but mine as the quilter.

So I will save my pennies for a while longer until I can gain experience which will only come from practice and until I can get a computerized machine. I guess my baby lock spoiled me.

But I am glad that this quilt is done. Later I will get it back from my grandson and redo the borders. It was a learning experience that I would not have missed.

I now know why the border in the orginal was so busy!!!

Lator gators.

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