Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Skull Quilt Progress

I got to the BQ about 12 noon this afternoon. Time is something that I do not pay attention to when I have something to do. So I wasn't there at 10am like I had planned and wanted.

Renee' Borne and I loaded the quilt onto the frame after a few wrong turns. We then loaded the bobbin and an hour later away I went.

I learned several lessons in the 3 hours that I worked:
1) The HQ12 is very fast and easy to use.
2) I can not draw a straight line and I definitely can not quilt one or stitch in the ditch either which also required you to follow a line.
3) Renee' B. is a very neat lady and a great teacher.
4) Basting the sides is important.
5) I tend to plan too many things in one day.
6) The HQ 18 is very much like my midarm machine.

This quilt will not be the best quilted in the world but it is being done by me for my grandson who I love more than he will even belive. I haven't worked out what to do in the borders since my design is too big and I can't quilt a straight line to do lines. I guess the borders will be stippling in a semi-circular pattern since I can't draw circles either. This I know since I have been practicing at home.
I will return tomorrow to BQ to finish it and will put the binding on Wednesday night. I am still undecided as to whether I will go to guild meeting on Thursday.
This is the pattern the skull quilt was based on. As you can see, the quilt had a mind of its own.
Later gators, have a blessed evening and a superior day tomorrow.

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