Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Today I sewed 2 Autumn Leaves blocks so I now have 5 of my 7 for the week done. I forgot when I made my goals that I had plans for 4 of the 7 days of this week - Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday so I won't be able to complete all my goals this week but they can carry over to next week.

I made the dumbest mistake today...I was cutting for the Be There or Be Square 9" block and I misread the directions and cut quarter square triangle instead of half square triangles. I completed the 12" and 6" blocks but can't complete the 9" until I find a piece to replace what I miscut.

For lunch today Dee and I met at BQ and looked at fabric. So much for busting my stash - I finally found a fabric that has pink in it that I liked so I just had to buy it and the pieces that went with it but no other pink. (8 yards) I also bought more fat quarters for the BQ squares with UL and Saints info on them and some veggie prints fats that have been begging to come home with me each time I go.

Tonight I got to break bread for supper with my oldest and youngest daughters and 3 of my grandchildren. It was a very pleasant time.

Well Gators, tomorrow is another day and I have lots to do...put binding on charity quilts for Haiti and binding on skulls quilt. So have a blessed evening and may you find serenity.

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