Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wayward Goals

Oh, the plans I had for, blood work, shopping for detergent and fruit, a leisurely lunch with Pape, and then sew & bind til supper. I would get ahead of my goals for the week and be able to enjoy Saturday and Sunday with Dee and Billie.

Oh, how goals flew out the window. I managed to sew before we went for the blood work but no where in my plans did I figure for Dee and Pape getting together. All plans but the blood work and shopping went out the door when Dee called Pape to remind him about Micah's track meet in Welsh. So off to find Welsh we went with grapes and bananas as substance til we found that track meet. No sewing, no completing goals, no thought for either.

I won't say it wasn't fun sitting under the bleachers with Pape, Dee, and Ms. Helen waiting for Micah to compete b/c it was fun. We were surrounded by high school teenagers some polite and some who needed reins. Rock throwing and light cursing seemed to be the theme for the Bell City track members. Although not all were bad, since one really sweet girl loaned me a clip so I could start binding on Dee's quilt.

Oh, yes! I did get to sew binding on a quilt...Dee's LSU quilt. I love doing binding - any binding.

After the track meet, Pape and I went to Kinder for sandwiches, gumbo, soup, and casino hour. Then home to find internet on the blink. Ugh.

Only 2 squares made on Autumn Leaves quilt and the organization for the 9" Be There or Be Square blocks were done.

All in all it was a great relaxing sign of CRAZY lady but I have a feeling she is lurking in the shadows.

Today's plans are lunch with Dee, home to plant squash,zucinni, and cucumbers. Then sew on binding for charity quilts and supper with Dee. If time, I plan on squaring up Skulls and sewing at least one AL block.

Lator gators. Have a blessed day and may your goals be completed or may they go wayward in a pleasant way.

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