Monday, May 3, 2010

Design Wall Monday

Gosh, it's Monday already. After looking at all the wonderful design walls, I realized that I am still a turtle...slow and sure...and will never win a race except with endurance. LOL

My design wall is much the same as before with 9 more Autumn Leaves added.

My design door has another of the Be There or Be Square 12" and 6" blocks on it. I am working on the 9" today.

On my table I have fabric to make a pillowcase for graduate...the middle fabric just called me and I don't like pink.

Then on my other table I have a piece of fabric that I have to make into a block for my guild. I don't know what type of block to make with those frogs but it has to be from 6" to 16" in size. Too much freedom in design choice for me!!!
The only things I will get finished this week will be the pillowcases. Oh, the second pillowcase will be tiger faces and LSU fabric - I have to design that too.
Well, lator gators. I have to get back to sewing since I plan on doing 1 Autumn Leave block a day and finish those pillowcases.

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  1. LSU? I am in Baton Rouge! DD and DH graduated from LSU. I happen to be a Lion from SLU!