Wednesday, May 5, 2010

May 5

The last two days have been busy with things other than quilting. Tuesday, I went to the doctor in the morning and a concert in the evening. In between, I fed husband and grandkids. The doctor gave me meds to help with the hurting and it makes me tired and apathetic but it is helping with both problems so I keep taking it. Today, we went deliver the charity quilts and get Lee some dog food. We ate at Olive Garden and I enjoyed the salad knowing that it might help with my other problem. Dr. Mike put me on an eating plan that reminds me of the old WW eating plan. Neither he nor I think it will solve the problem but it has to be tried. Only problem with the old WW plan was that you eat so much food.

The only sewing I did was to paper piece the squares for 8 Autumn Leaves blocks. I didn't sew the blocks together but they are pieced. Hopefully tomorrow I will get that done after I come back from Judy. We are going to discuss the treasurey and how for me to take over legally. Then we are taking an adventure over te patoon bridge to Gueydon. It should be an interesting trip.

I know that my goals for the week are shot. Dee called and asked Pape and I to go with Donovan to the state baseball playoffs. We are planning to do so but it means no sewing for me. Oh, well, everyone knows that grandchildren are more important than sewing unless you are sewing for the grandchild.
Lator Gators! Have a blessed night and a grand Thursday.

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