Monday, May 31, 2010

Design Wall Monday

My design wall is empty on purpose this week.

We are getting ready to go camping for 9 days, home for 3, camping for 4, and finally home for a while. So everything is in boxes and packed in the camper ready for sewing at the camp ground.

My second daughter is here adding to my boxes with things she wants made: purse, quilt, etc.

Cleo is in the process of having puppies. So for there are 5 solid black puppies and there seems to be more coming. I don't know what my DH is going to do with all those dogs but I do know that they are his responsiblity since he was asked several times to have Cleo fixed. He insisted that she couldn't have puppies since she was 4 years old and he had never seen a litter. She sure fooled him!!

Well off to finish packing.
Lator gators...have fun!


  1. Have fun on your camping trip. I always have grand plans to do my own thing. That is joke, hubby always wants to go window shopping, while we are at the coast. Last time at Brandon Oregon, we came across a quilt store. Boy, I never seen my hubby want to leave an area so fast lol. I went in, told him to visit the fudge store, oh don't forget the chocolate fudge for ME.
    Have a great time on vacation, and ma all your sewing get done.

  2. Enjoy your camping trip! And have fun sewing in a different environment.

  3. Enjoyed visiting your blog