Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesday Catch-Up

It has been an interesting few days. Camping was very entertaining and called for lots of problem solving. First, it rained once a day every day and sometimes it stormed all day. The teens tent was underwater twice but everything survived the bath. They slept in the camper with us those nights. Then having 10 grandchildren running around the campground is very entertaining. Watching them swim and fish kept me in stitches. I am proud to report that Spirit took off her floaties and has become a fish and dog swimmer like Bryan. The horseflies and deer flies loved me as did the ants. But that was offset as I watched my third daughter catch her first fish and "burn her fat." The worst problem was that the internet was down and the managers are not computer lit or prone to taking advice from those who are. I was able to keep track of things with my phone but unable to blog.

All in all I had a great time despite the rain, insects, and lack of internet.

Stash report for the past week:
Added this week: 6 yards (finishing kit for BOM and 4 blocks)
Added YTD: 87.5 yards

Used this week: 12.12 yards ( strips, headbands, and file organizer for 2nd daughter)
Used YTD: 48.25 yards

Net stash busted: -39.25 yards (It is going down very slowly but going down.Hopefully, I will be at 0 before the end of the year.)

Design Wall: Nothing up until after all this travel.
Worked on hanging file folder for 2nd daughter and completed it.
Made 9 headbands for granddaughters. Kristin took 6 to college while Sammie and Jerri wore them camping.
Worked on Autumn Leaves blocks. I have sewn all the piecing papers I have and am putting the leaves together 5 at a time. Hopefully I will get to put them up next week so I can start sewing rows.

Exercise: I walked at least 10 miles this week.
I have walked every day at the campground and sometimes 3 times a day. I don't know how far each walk was but I do know that the pace was brisk and the sweat poured out of me even after we stopped.

Goals for this week starting on Sunday past:
1) Walk 10 miles Sunday to Sunday. ( I have walked every day at least once around the campground and 3 times on Monday and twice on Tuesday
2) Complete all Autumn Leaves blocks.
3) Support Pape at bowling tournament.
4) Support Sammie at doctor appt.
5) Find internet service Friday, Saturday, & Sunday while travelling.
Well gators, I am glad to be connected to the blogging world again. Have a blessed week.

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