Friday, May 21, 2010

Fitful Friday

The Blue/blahs are beginning to subside. I still haven't felt the urge to piece or quilt anything but that to will pass since I am still cutting 2" strips for my rug.

I set goals for this week and so far I have completed 1 of them. In fact I walked 14 miles instead of the 10 that I expected to walk. Two pounds came off which upset me at first but then I remembered that losing weight is hard for people with thyroid problems so two pounds was great.

I have not gotten to the Saints blocks b/c I just don't want to play with my machine just yet.

The blahs/blues are still lingering but almost gone so by Sunday they should be conquered.

So now off I go to find the t-shirts that I have saved for this class on Saturday.

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