Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Blahs Beware!

I am still trying to handle my blahs/blues.

I started the day by reading the design walls on Judy's blog. Then I went into the sewing room and cut 2" strips from fabric that quit speaking to me. Two large bins became 1 with room to spare and the bottom of the strip bin is full. It is one way to use up fabric in a hurry!

Then I went to Lafayette and tended to guild bank business. The company was interesting and the visit pleasant. After the bank business was done, I went meet my eldest daughter at BQ. There she picked out fabric for her secret pal's quilt and a border for her charity quilt. I watched and fondled fabric but nothing broke thru the blah/blues. Then I saw a book that also used 2" strips and a break in the blah/blue haze happened. I bought the book and some walnut shells for my pin cushion.

After that, I went buy a baked potato and soup for myself and a loaded potato for Dee. We ate them while she worked on invoices. Then I went to the church and waited for the other board members to arrive. That was a long meeting with lots of rehashing of old issues.

Nuu needed fruit trays so I went to the store and bought them on the way home. I decided that I was taking a break from walking and sat and talked with my husband and watched my grandchildren play. Soothing to the soul even if they are hardheaded brats. LOL

When they left, Pape and I came in and started supper. He had started cooking some chicken for me so I make a veggie meldey to go with it. Computer time for both of us came next and now it is bedtime.

The blahs/blues have been broken but not expelled but a light is shining again where there was only darkness.

Lator Gators.

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