Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Walking Wednesday

Well, I am off to a great start this week. I paper pieced the next 7 Autumn Leaves blocks to have ready when I am finish with the labels/blocks for BQ. I have finished both pillowcases...Pink Ladies Bathing and LSU Tiger faces for Kim. I also made both labels for the graduation quilts.
Instead of telling my grandchildren "I love You" all the time...I say "Circle never ending always growing and you will always fit in that circle never ending always growing..." or just "Circle!" The Baby Lock let me embroider just that saying as the border for the label. I am so proud of myself!!!

I also played with the charm pack I was given at the guild meeting. I am thinking about making a pillow out of the results. We always need pillows and I don't have but the one charm pack. Good solution to preventing another UFO.

The walking is going really well. I didn't walk Monday but bowled instead. Tuesday, Renee' and Spirit had pity on me and we only walked 1 mile. Today, the pity was gone! We walked almost 3 miles at a very nice pace both coming and going. I started sweating and by the time we made it back to the house I was wet from head to toe.

Billie, Bryan, and Lexie joined us. Like a fool, I thought that they would slow Spirit and Renee' down a bit since my side and arse are still not in perfect shape. My side didn't hurt coming or going but I won't say the same for my raw b...Tomorrow Billie and company are coming back and this time they want to do a 3 mile hike in less than 30 minutes.

In 3 months I will either be healthier or in the hospital. The eating plan is not expected to work by either the doctor or me, but I think with this extreme exercise should do the trick. Then I will have to continue the exercise which I really don't mind.

I am grousing because I haven't really walked for exercise in about 3 years and it is taking its tole. Before I stopped, I could walk 5 miles in 45 minutes without getting very damp and did it 6 times a week. Now I can't do 2 miles in 45 minutes comfortably and I am upset with myself!!! But I am determined to get better...maybe and probably not as good as I once did but better than last week's showing. LOL. Heaven knows I have some good coaches who don't listen to my grousing!

I did get good news today...the eye specialist said that the holes and bleeding have not gotten worse. I just have to keep a check on my vision for the next year and then go back for a check up. I could stand not walking or talking and I can even bear quite a lot of pain but losing my eyesight is just about the worse thing I could sunsets or sun rises, no computer blogs, no granddaughter and grandson smiles, no Pape grin, no bubbles, no quilting...I don't think I would be able to adjust to that.

Tomorrow, I plan on working on the ULL and Saints label/blocks for BQ my LQS. I also need to take Billie's computer to the geeks for fixing. That is something else I no longer even attempt to do as well as I did before. The younger generation is much better at problem solving computer troubles.

Friday, we are leaving early to go to Walker for Gavin's graduation and then Kim's that night. I know we will make Gavin's but I am not sure about Kim's. Saturday we are bring Kristin to work in BR and who knows where we will be on Sunday.

Well, gators until lator be safe and have a blessed week.

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