Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fickle, Fickle, Fickle Muse

I do believe that my muse is fickle. I thought we were going to do the dresden plate in coffee fabrics but instead out came the black&whites and Black&white&reds. But at least she stuck to the dresden plate/fan idea. I chose red for the background but my muse agreed with my daughter and a friend that yellow was the way to go.

Another reason I think my muse is fickle is that these random blade are not coming out random but picky. I don't like scrappy but my muse seems to. I am trying to let it be scrappy but think my muse is losing the battle.

EQ7 loaded up so nicely even with my computer going out. I think I will go get a really inexpensive one to just do internet work with and same my laptop for quilting related things.

Spent this week running around like a goose but finally got to sew and cut Thursday, Friday,and today. Tomorrow DH has to be out of town for a travel league. So no sewing except for hand since I think we are going in the car rather than the camper.

Wednesday, DH and I went get our DGD from college. She will be spending the next 3 weeks with us...a long story... While traveling to BR, we sampled boudin balls from PB and KS. The ones from KS are to die for as they use to were the cracklins. In KS, I saw a medium size gator all tussed up in the back of this lady's pickup. She was dressed to the 9's with that pickup and gator. The sites you see in South Louisiana!

Well, lator gators. Stay out of the heat if you can...I know I will be doing just that.

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