Monday, August 9, 2010

8910 not a good ending to a good day

I had a good day today. DGDSpirit helped me quilt all day long...she rearranged fabric so she could sit and "help" then she tried to make her own quilt from scraps but doesn't know about pins. It was interesting. I put the red,black,&white circles on the dresden plates and then changed them to red & white with DGDKristin's help. Then DD#4 came and said arrangement didn't look "finished" so I took the non-quilters advice and rearranged the blocks. I like that arrangement better for this quilt and the pattern/method I want to use to quilt it. Holes are what I was working on when
it HAPPENED! I got up to iron a block and caught my chair with my foot control. As I moved the chair, I hit and cut my toe and then stepped on the pointy end of an Alex Anderson tool. It went into my foot all the way up to the wood. It hurt to pull it out and bled like a pig. I have blood all over the sewing room floor (it will wait until I am not hurting so dang much). Pape and Kristin were helpful but not too sympathic. Kristin said that she had never seen me with tears and she was ready to cry too so she got out of there. Pape just can't stand me in pain so he leaves. Then to add insult to injury...I had to use that dang tool to unsew the block I had just finished. I quit sewing and came to bed.
Lator Gators~ Have a blessed week and keep the feet and tail away from sharp objects.


  1. Oh, no! And those tool injuries hurt like there's no tomorrow.

    I have to admit that I am the one who is usually laughing at Frank (we call him Tim the Toolman because we know the ER people by first names now) when he whacks something off. Now he is nursing a 6 inch x 4 inch scrape on his calf where the tree trunk he was cutting down (without permission because I was GONE) hit him on the way down.

    Hope you heal with little pain!

    glen: wine thickens the pain threshhold and promotes healing......

  2. Having done the same thing too many times!!! I completely have sympathy for you. Man that hurts! I have to add to it that I'm diabetic and totally paranoid about hurting my feet. Hope you recover fast and easily! Good luck cleaning up your sewing room! Lurking Linda

  3. Oh no!!! Just reading that makes me hurt and cry. I won't laugh at all--I am the one that kicks the chair leg when it's the only thing in the room. Glen has a good idea--wine!, I say whine!!