Tuesday, August 10, 2010

81010 Not so hot either

Well, today started pretty good. I woke up and my foot wasn't swollen or that painful. I started cleaning the sewing room and got around to finishing step 2 & 3 on several blocks. I have broken the project into steps.
1) Cut out and sew blades. Done
2) Sew blades into sets and applicate to yellow background.
3) Sew fans blocks together to form larger plates.
4) Applicate red circle to each plate and cut away excess fabric.
5) Quilt large blocks and sew them together as quilt-as-you-go with sashing only on back.
6) Sew outside border of fans together an quilt as rows.
7) Sew second red border to end quilt.
8)If quilt is required size, then bind. If it is not, add borders until it is.
It's a good plan and will work for me b/c I get bored doing the same thing for very long.
Well, then electricity started going on and off. Then when that settled, the AC stopped working. This house stays cool normally so I didn't notice anything until I got back from picking grandchildren up from bus stop. It was 90 in the house and my DH didn' notice it. Then to make things worse, DSD#2 decided that I should do homework with her son. He didn't want to come so she helped matters by bringing a paddle for me to whip him with. That made me even hotter since she had refused my offer earlier b/c the other 2 would be here. The boy was upset and didn't want to do his work. It took 2 hours to do his Spelling words and a English essay. So in this gosh awful heat, I am working with him. Thankfully the other 2 remembered my procedures for homework. Then DH comes in to tell me that the icebox in camper had gone out again and he was cleaning it for me. So when it gets a little cooler outside, I have to go clean that. Tomorrow we will be spending the day helping DGD move back to the dorms. This is the daughter of the same mom who dumped her son for me to do homework while she rested!
Well, maybe I will see the funny in this after I get cool air.
Well, Lator Gators. Have a blessed week.

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