Wednesday, August 25, 2010

WIP Wednesday -Saints Quilt Process

Phase I: An Idea: First I drew a sketch out on a napkin. Then I went into EQ7 and made several designs. I chose one with stars I liked but was told that there were 16 games not 14 so I went back and redesigned the quilt. I like this version even better.Phase II:
I bought fabric
that I thought would be great in a saints quilt. I put them together in the star formation to make the quilt. I had picked using
the No Waste method for flying geese. I picked thread color and embroidered the designs I wanted. Thank heavens for my DD #1 and the man in Houma b/c without them it would have taken months. I found that the mock-up looked too washed out but it was what I wanted. So I picked new fabrics
Phase III:
Making the blocks: I wanted to use a black with tiny gold dots but needed 4 yards. My LQS was out of that fabric so I choose solid black for the inside and a black swirl for the points. I have decided to make a set of 4 and then embroider them.
I am in the process of making blocks and embroidering each of the smaller blocks - 16. I am
using a quilt as you go method that allows more quilting on the top than on the backing b/c it
allows me to hide the back of my embroider.
Phase IV:
Putting sections together and quilting. I
plan on adding triangles which will have info about the Saints in them along the edges The black will have New Orleans Saints and Who Dat Nation with lots of fleurs.
Phase V: Binding will be the gold.
lator Gators. have a blessed week

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