Monday, August 23, 2010

Time to Start - Process

Well, tonight Steven gave the go ahead to make his quilt. There were only 2 minor problems: 1) He thought the quilt was very small not as large as it is. I told him that the center was 28 inches by itself, he was satisfied. 2) He wanted to have it by September 9th when they raise the flag in New Orleans as his personal flag. I had to explain to him that while it would probably go fast that I had 2 other quilts to do as I worked on his.
So the plan is to use the quilt-as-you-go method that uses top and batting and washable stabilizer on the first quilting and then adds the backing with simpler quilting as a second step. The embroider will be the first quilting....I plan on using the designs I was given in Houma. Fantastic designs for this quilt. Then the second quilting will be straight lines.
Since I am doing it all on the Babylocks, it should go rather quickly if life doesn't interfere. I plan on bringing it to bowling each week to show him the progress. It should get other people to want one and give him more understanding about how much work it is. It should be done by the end of October if I do at least 3 blocks a week which is do-able.
I plan on continuing my handsewing while the big BabyLock does the designs for the saints and then sewing on the small BabyLock while the big one does the quilting in the center of the dresden plates. It is a plan but will I be able to execute it...I will find out.
Lator, Gators. Have a blessed week until I type at you again.

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