Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday Stash Report

Stash Report:
Fabric used: 0 still working dresden plate and charity quilts
Fabric used YTD: 91.75
Fabric added: -33 yards with NO GUILT this time.
Fabric added YTD: -145.25
Stash reduction/enhancement: -54.5
Ah, home from the shop hop. The bus trip was amazing and so very much fun. I am glad that I did this although I feel that it would have been more fun with Dee and/or Pam. (Grousing about having to wear Big Girl Panties and not being babied!) I almost kept my promise to myself that I would look only for kits that called my name and books/templates. Promises are made to be broken especially to one's self. LOL
This is what happens when I get overstimulated!
At the first shop, I didn't buy anything. It is my LQS and I go there every Tuesday to have "lunch" with DD#1.
The second shop, I saw a collection I wanted that was not out for sale, but this shop is close enough for me to do my own hopping. I love coffee theme fabric and they had the red version. I did buy a fat quarter for my saints quilt, a quilt as you go pattern, and some batting tape.
At the third shop, I found two books and a panel set. Ah, the fourth shop,which I had never been to, got me started! I bought a kit and books.
The next shop was fantastic and is very close to where I camp so hubby can expect trips there. I bought templates, fabric, white mesh,books, etc. I spent the most in that shop and want to go back.
At the last shop, well- a bad first impression that kept many of our group from spending like they had at the other shops, I got more templates. book, and all the fabric I need for my saints quilt and free design CD that can be used for LSU and Saints quilts.
Not counting the buying at the end of the hop at LQS, our group spent over $15,000 in the 6 quilt shops we went to and most of us spent the most at the shop in Mandeville and the least at the last shop. I didn't spend over the amount I budgeted for this trip and I got a lead on a used Statler with computerized software. Decision now is do I persue the lead or wait for my quilting studio. I know that DD#1 would gladly accept my Phaff and frame as a Christmas gift, B-day gift, etc for the next few years.
Well, lator gators! I have to go fondle my new fabrics and enjoy the other items not to mention work on my dresden plate. Have a blessed week.


  1. Wow you guys really did your bit for the economy, lol, sounds like you had a great time.

  2. Shop Hops are SO fun! I'm glad you had some "guilt free" quilt fun! :-)

  3. Way to stimulate the local economy!! I'm glad you had a good time. Thanks for showing off your loot. :)

  4. mom i would gladly accept any gifts you wish to send my will even have DH build me a room just for the gift. Esp since right now i am trying to quilt Saints quilt on my home sewing machine. love ya wish i could have gone

  5. It was great fun. I noticed a gorgeous batik in there, how did I miss that one. I am looking forward to next year. They are talking "up" a bus with the same driver to go to the Houston Festival (over-nighter).
    We all did our share helping out the economy this weekend. It was rather shocking actually how much was spent. The shops should love us.