Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday

Oh, I am getting excited! Tomorrow and Saturday I will be going on my first ever bus shop hop and I will be doing it without my usual traveling companions - Dee & Pam. This is a big step for me b/c not even Pape is coming with me. I put on my "big girl panties" as my daughters say and signed up to do it. Lots of ladies in my guild will be on the trip so I will know people although I did invite my DD#1 and family to join me in Hammond for supper Friday night.
I have my dresden plates to hand sew on the bus and am going to B&N to get a book /magazine to read and my iphone to entertain me. Be ready to see lots of pictures on Sunday. My stash will definitely be enhanced not reduced on Sunday.Now how much will I come home with, I can not say since DH 'borrowed' half my stash enhancement money to pay Mr. Kenneth, our AC man, but I am ready to travel.
Poor Pape has Spirit duty Friday all alone until someone comes to help. GIGGLE! No homework duty for me...yeah!
Well, off to get passport at BQ and books/mags at B&N! Lator, Gators! Have a blessed day and I will talk at ya on Sunday.

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  1. Thank you for visiting...

    I will be checking back with you to see how your shop hopping went. I missed mine again this year--it was last weekend. I'm particularly bummered this year because the quilt was especially cool and original with Colorado Toile fabric. Oh, well! Next year?