Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wednesday WIP Report

Well, I am working on my dresden quilt and am liking the way it is coming out. I started with the first layout but then went to the second which I like best b/c I can add my red border around the center squares. LOL I will complete the 4 center pieces and then quilt them on my home machine. DD#1 keeps asking me when I am going to use my Phaff on the frame but I am not ready to devote the time to that yet so I will ask her when is she coming to help me set the machine back up. LOL
I am working on step 2&3 of my plan for this quilt. I am spending the time to applcate by hand the blades to the background b/c I am scared to use the invisible thread on my machine. Silly-I know!
Well, I think that the powers that be are laughing at me. I have had so much good luck winning fabric that they decided I had to have a bit of bad luck: 1) stepping on 4in1 tool; 2) AC going out. I know a third one is coming but hope it will be mild.
Well, time to get dressed and moving. DGD needs to be go back to school and we are the transportation for her and the things she is bringing. My Element can hold as much as a truck and it is so full that I wonder where she or Pape are going to sit. LOL
(Well, Kristin is now at college and we are back home. So far no accidents or bad luck but the day is not over. AC is working and Kenneth is coming this afternoon to fix capi....don't know what he said needed replacing. He will be back in fall/winte to fix cooper pipes that leak. I am waiting for grandkids to get back from school so we can start hw. ugh!)
That is it gators so LATOR. Have a blessed week and sew many projects.

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  1. mom i think the red border will look good around the 4 center fans in this layout