Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Working Wednesday

EQ7 and my printer finally got together and printed me a copy of my final design. I then went to work making a mock up of what my center would be. The points of the star do not stick like I want them to and the colors do not really match. But all I wanted to see is how the embroider would work with the pattern. I need to go get some more of my center fabric which will be black with gold dots since it will also be the background or that may be the center and same background as shown. I am still experimenting with fabric placement. This center is 32" square and the squares will be 16" square but I think I am going to reduce the squares to 14" and the center to 28" or I might go 12" and 24". It depends on how big the center square needs to really be to fit everything I want in it. I think 14" will fit everything nicely.
Well lator gators. Let me know how you like the embroider. The outer stars will have the other games on them and the two side ones will have the playoff games. I thinking of putting New Orlean's Saints in the top black spots and WHO DAT! on the bottom. And possibly enlarging the champion thingy. I am still playing and designing.

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