Friday, September 10, 2010

Finishing Friday

I think that the word "Finishing" is not in my quilting vocabulary yet. I know what the word "Starting" means and what "Working" means. But 'finishing' is not something I do very often. (sigh)
I laid out my Saints quilt and surprise surprise surprise, it actually looks like the EQ7 drawing and the picture in my head. So I can start planning the embroidery in the black spaces. WHOO HOO! (Note to self: Next time you use black fabric buy black batting, dummy!)
Well, gators, I am off to start putting my squares together and do the next phase. Wish me luck b/c it is the first time I have free motion quilted on the BabyLock and I haven't done any free motion in about 2 years. This will be interesting. I think straight lines is the way to go. I only have to redo 1 square - I just could not put the score down showing that the Saints lost by that much so I reversed the scores. LOL.
Today will be a on-the-go day since Pape has to get a suit for a funeral tomorrow. It seems that the clothes fairy came in and shrunk all 25 suits in the closet(no, I am not joking. He has that many suits. At one time the man was a clothes hound). So we have to go buy another one that actually fits. If this doesn't get him to start watching his diet, then nothing will b/c he hates to spend money on things he doesn't use that often and he doesn't dress up much any more.
Lator gators~ to Dee, after while... Have a blessed weekend.

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