Wednesday, September 8, 2010

WIP Wednesday -Saints Quilt Process 2

I took the big BabyLock in for a check up and found out that I have been doing it all wrong for the last year due to lack of training and not reading the manual which is 2" thick. I thought that was what you went to training for! I will sit down and read the manual for the second time and then see if my girl wants to work for me. If she doesn't then she is off to the doctor again.

I have finished all the embroider for phase 3 and will now begin to put the stars together in sections and quilt each section with straight lines. What other embroidery and quilting to be done is not decided yet. That I will decide when I get there. I will be practicing free motion on the cats quilt.

My daughter's bday is Friday and her present is for her to come and pick up the Phaff Grand Quilter and its frame. It takes up too much room and I haven't used it for quite some time. She will use it either on the frame or off. She quilts on a very small domestic machine so the Phaff will definitely give her more quilting room. She has wanted that set-up for quite some time so off it goes as B-day and Christmas -new to her and I get my hand quilting frame back.

Sounds like I am being such a good mom - HA!- now she will be able to quilt all my tops!!! I think it is a good trade off - we both make tops- I make the labels - she quilts them - I bind them. We both get more piecing done and are doing what we each like to do! Fun Fun fun!

Lator gators, Have a blessed day and I will see you on Sunday.


  1. mom i love my bday/xmas present. I am already trying to figure out where i am going to put it and i have a practice top already to put on it. I don't mind quilting your tops lol just remember the more tops i get done the more labels and binding you have to do. Thanks again and I love you.

  2. My Mom and I quilt projects together too. We have loads of fun. I think if you have another Pfaff laying around I have plenty of room....:)