Wednesday, September 1, 2010

WIP Wednesday

I finished all 3 presentations and didn't have a heart attack. I was complimented on the information presented and the entertaining way I presented it. People from the Tuesday morning meeting even went home and told others that it was worth going to the night meeting to hear. One person even told me that they had expected me to give a very boring quiet dull lecture about labeling based on what they saw of my personality at the meetings, but instead got a action filled, entertaining, information packed, any thing but dull and quiet. She doesn't know it but she made my day and made all the research and preparation worth the effort.
It is a funny thing. I know that I am trained to speak since I am an accomplished Toastmaster with lots of awards to prove it and a 25 year veteran teacher of teenagers. But everytime I have to prepare and give a presentation, my head hurts, my stomach knots up, and I start doubting if I can present the information correctly for the audience.
I really become someone else when I am speaking and then go back to being me at the end of the speech. Maybe I should adopt a costume to wear when I speak. "Blanch the quiltgillor" mmmmm Then I won't be the one getting so nervous just the one researching, writing, and preparing. She would be the one who did the speaking. I really have to develop this idea since I would love to do more presentations on certain aspects of quilting.

I got to sew on my saints stars today....I didn't finish any stars since we had to go places and I had homework duty. But I have 6 almost finished and the flying geese made for 6 more. It should go faster Friday since I can finished 2 blocks and embroidery them while I construct the other 8 I will need.
I think I will use old dryer sheets to turn the circle centers of the dresden plates. Can't hurt to try!!!
I have a very busy Thursday planned and will need an early start to get everything done. From Doctor's appt. for Pape , trip to Spirit's doctor, trip to BR to pick up Kristin, (Pape will help her get paper work for her car), shortened homework duty, then trip back to BR to bring Kristin back, trip home, and racing if not too tired.
Well, lator gators! Have a blessed Thursday and a grand Weekend. See you on Sunday for Stash Report and Monday for Design Wall. I hope to have lots to show.

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