Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sew Day Saturday

Today is Sew Day for the QGA guild but I won't be going for very long. I have finished piecing all my stars for the Saints quilt so now I have to embroidery scores on each. My big BabyLock does not travel so I will be having my sew day at home.

However, I will be going to town to pick up Pape's new cpu. Watching him try to get his old, 10 year old, computer on the internet is painful (2 hours or more before it gets there and then 30 minutes to get on a site) so we went order a new cpu for him yesterday. It should be ready this morning.

My plans for today are to 1) embroider the 12 scores I have left to do; 2) work on the circles for the Dresden Plates.

I got up at 4:30 am which is too early for anyone to get up on a Saturday morning with nothing planned. But it is quiet so I worked in sewing room and next I will sweep hall and living room. Lee is shedding for the very first time in 5 years. It is time for a visit to the vet and a complete grooming. He says NO but I say Yes!
Lator, Gators. See you on Stash Report Sunday! Have a blessed holiday.

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