Monday, October 4, 2010

Design Wall Monday

6 fat quarter bag in Halloween  fabric

Sammie with mesh bag

Finally Two Finishes: 
Sammie,GD, was all smiles when I gave her the bags for her b-day.  Mesh bag glows in the dark which she thought was way cool. She took them with her to Kinder to the Pow Wow and filled them both full. Filling a 6 FQ bag is hard to do so you know she had alot of stuff(teenage junk).
Phaff monster is GONE!
DD#1,Dorothy, came get the Phaff Grand Quilter set-up. She produced such great work on her home machine that she should do wonderful work on this mid-arm on a frame with stitch regulator. Now she is going to really grow as a quilter--watch out world she is coming.  AND I get all my quilts and my best friend's quilts quilted for free. Whoo-hoo!!! She was upset because she couldn't color shop in my fabrics while we dismantled the Phaff. (I purposely mixed all my fabrics together in the tubs and put ugly ones on top.LOL) She gave me grief about that!But left with several pieces of animal print and 4 pillow size panels of wolves & bears. I wonder what else she put in her truck that I didn't see besides my Fabric Trends magazine. She did give me a great idea to enhance the Saints Stars and Dresden Plate with piping.
Current Projects:
As for me, I am still plugging along on the Saints Stars and my Dresden Plates.  Soon soon soon I will have a finish. But not this week since we are traveling to SC to see my grandson graduate from  Marine Boot Camp. I will be sewing on the graduation quilt for my DD#2 who graduates from ULL in December. She has worked so  hard and sacrificed so much yet kept Sammie healthy and happy.  All my daughters make me proud of the women I have raised. 

Center Quilting 90% done!
Well, off to pack the motor home...Lator Gators.

Dresden Plates still waiting


  1. Your granddaughter is adorable! Gorgeous smile. :)

    DD sounds like mine, I want this and this and this. Nice job disguising the good stuff. LOL

    Still love the DP.
    Thanks for the nice comment on my post. My dad is pretty great. :)

  2. Goodness you sound so busy! The bag is great for a young girl, no wonder she loved it.

  3. Now that is a bag to fill!! I hope you have fun in the motor home!!

  4. The Dresden plate quilt is stunning. Looks like you have been busy. I need a bag like your granddaughters, nice and big.

  5. That sure is a bag that fits "everything and the kitchen sink"! Two finished - wahoooo. Congrats! And have fun on your SC tour!

  6. Our trick-or-treaters could fit in that bag!

    Great quilt,

  7. Congratulations on two finishes. I can only imagine how much you could put into a bag made of 6 fat quarters. That must expand to be HUGE!

  8. Congrats on the two finishes! Your bags are sooo cute! if your dd has some of your stash~you can count it as OUT! Lol