Monday, October 11, 2010

Design Wall Monday and Stash Report combined

     Design Wall: Well, due to lack of electricity, it was a design box. I worked on the trivet set that I won. All the tops are covered and now I will put them together. I like them so much that I think I will make a table cloth for the picnic table when we camp. It won't blow off the table!
     Stash Report:  Nothing in (only because I could not find quilt shops in 5 states even though we took the scenic route.) All that  went out was whatever fabric DD took on last Sunday afternoon...I say about 2-3 yards but she isn't admitting to any. All she admits to is taking one dresden plate sample.  She turned it into something fantastic so I will give her the second one to do for me as a table center.
     Well, we made it back to Louisiana with only small problems. Generator wouldn't work and water pump went out so we did primitive camping in a motor home. Bottled water to wash with and I started up the gas stove to cook on. Luckily it wasn't hot at night until Sunday night and then we learned windows do open slightly. It was an adventure!!!
     I enjoyed my visit to South Carolina immensely. Parris Island is an interesting place. We went round in circles all morning and part of the afternoon Thursday trying to find out where to register for the RV park. The marines would direct us to the MCX and the civilians there would tell us there was no such place. Finally, I started calling people on the base and my husband grabbed a marine and between us we got registered. Like I said it was an adventure. Leaving the base after graduation on Friday was another adventure. Let's just say that my motor home visited over 96% of that base and some areas were not for visitors.
     My grandson's graduation was neat and very impressive. I am so proud that he managed to transform himself into a Marine. He looked so special in his uniform and marched perfectly. I have now seen graduations for the Army, Navy, and Marines. My husband hopes that at least one grandchild follows him and joins the Air Force. I will be at that one too if it happens.
    We are at DD's home b/c DGS#6 first basketball game of the season.  She fed us roast and mash potatoes which Pape loved and other than salty, I thought was excellent. No one worries about me and the salt issue since everything is too salty for me. DD also showed us several (more than 3) quilts or tops she is working on or has completed. How I wish I could cram as much as she does in a 24 hour day! I can just imagine how much she would get done with the Phaff working properly. (Any one who has a Phaff Grand Quilter and can help her get it working properly?)I am using her computer to check blogs etc while she works in the other room.
   At home I have the Saints quilt and my dresden plates waiting for me to work on. Both are due in December or before. It looks like we are taking home a quilt for me to work on the bindings and a dog. Good thing I love to work on bindings but that gives us 1 too many dogs for traveling.
Well, lator gators when I get home.

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