Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday Thoughts.

Saturday Thoughts
outside my window...branches swaying in the breeze
i am thinking...that family outings don't always have the outcomes people expect.
i am thankful for...laughter that my family brings to my heart.
i am shirt and black capris
i am remembering...other family get togethers.
i am listening to...the drum of the tv in the other room
i am sew some more of the arrowheads
i am currently reading...blogs
i am hoping...that the bowling lane tomorrow is warm and the weather cool
i am looking forward to...International Quilt Festival in Houston
one of my favorite things...trying out new blocks with my twist on them.

Today was a great day but a long day. I spent the morning running around collecting things for the family gathering. Pape slept late because he has been feeling under the weather but won't admit it. He says I worry to much about him. He's right! 
Then around 12 noon we went to the gathering. The food was excellent and the company interesting. Although I almost lost control of my tongue, I decided not to speak out about men who think they can do what they should not do and then expect their ladies to withstand the mess they get themselves into when it could have been avoided in the first dang place. 
The kids, and I mean my daughters and grandchildren, were having a blast sliding down the waterslide that they finally got set up. Yes, it is still warm enough to play on a waterslide in the sun here. 
Around 3pm, Pape and I went to Lafayette to pick up his bowling ball and we listened to the LSU game as I drove. Then we came home and I took a nap. I woke up just in time to find out that LSU lost by a touchdown. 
Well, I went into the sewing room and tried out Anita's Arrowheads from the Quiltmaker's magazine. Only I enlarged the beginning square to 12" instead of 8 b/c I don't do small blocks. I ended up with a 14" block. It was really interesting to do.
Well, now it is time for bed since we have to be at the lanes for 8am and they are 80 miles away.
Lator, Gators.

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