Saturday, October 30, 2010

Saturday Thoughts

I left home on Thursday afternoon a bit late but made it to the BR guild meeting. I think that soon I will have to become a once-in-a-while member b/c life keeps getting in the way of me leaving at a reasonable time to arrive on time. 

For example: the plan for this trip was for Pape,DH, to drive me there Thursday afternoon in camper. Well, DGS PJ was in the hospital and Pape was needed to give mom a break. So plans changed! 

Next plan, Pape would go to hospital after we looked at farm and then come back to watch DGS & DGD after school until DD#3 picked them up. Well, he was stuck at hospital so I stayed to wait for them and then would drive self to meeting. 

Well, DD#3 forgot she was to pick kids up...thank goodness I stayed until she came about 1 hour late. This meant that I was late too b/c I got there just as meeting started. 

Something happens every meeting date just about so I decided that 109 miles is a bit much to travel for a guild meeting every month when I am in 2 within 34 miles. I joined that guild b/c it was half way between my DD#1's house and mine so we could both attend. Now we meet when she comes to work once a week in our area. We have "lunch" at the BQ Quilt Shop and then share potatoes with DD#4 at work. We also share techniques we are experimenting with there. 

I spent the night Friday at DD#1's house so that I could bring DGS to Lafayette. DD was taking her husband to some big car race for their anniversary and he will be letting her come to Houston. The trip back was long! I don't drive fast so it seemed longer than ever. But DGS was delivered properly. I will pick him up in camper if life doesn't get in the way again on Sunday and drive back to DD#1's house so he can go to school Monday.

In the meantime, I will sew, go to graveyard and clean, put new flowers, go to farm and see what can be done now. Make a list of tools that we need to work: Hammer and nails are a must as is a chain saw and a sickle ( long knife on a longer handle.) I also need to start calling people about limestone for the driveway so camper won't get stuck in soft dirt. 

Next Friday is H day. We are going to the International Quilt Festival in Houston. I am so excited. Just 6 more nights to wait and then off we go. 
Well, I am off to sew until Pape wakes up completely. That man can sleep all morning and stays up all night. Lator, Gators!

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