Thursday, October 28, 2010

Clearing the Farm with pictures

Somewhere in there is a barn
Perfect for a bbq
Ah there is the barn
Side of barn-lots of work ahead.
Lots of rye grass seed needed
     We went to the farm to fine tune the clearing. Pape gets his double driveway if at all possible. The pecan tree stays safe from the bonfire. The area for the RV is cleared mostly. There are two big tractor tires to fill with dirt for Spirit's flowers and a tree for the swing.
    We will have to do quite a bit by hand but it is looking 1000% better than on Wednesday morning. My barn doesn't look like much but it will! All it needs is cleaning and a few repairs since it is all old cypress. The upstairs loft will eventually get electricity and be perfect for a studio. Downstairs will hold a whirlpool, sauna, and outdoor kitchen. It may take years but one day it will happen!
     Saturday & Sunday I plan on working at the farm raking, cutting bush, and spreading a mixture of rye grass & Bermuda grass seed. Hopefully a few grandkids and daughters will show up to help. 
Thursday Wonderings

outside my morning breezes with 80 degrees in sun
i am thinking...where will I get the money & help to complete this project. I think I have paid forward enough to get some help.
i am thankful for...daughters, husband, and grandchildren
i am wearing...sweatshirt and sweatpants and tennis (my favorite attire)
i am brother Roy's big bear hugs and my Aunt Ruthie.
i am listening to...zydeco 
i am a guild meeting in BR and then to BFE to stay with DD.
i am currently reading...blogs
i am have a bonfire for Christmas on the farm and that the land in New Iberia sells so I can clear more of my farm with my own tractor.
i am looking forward to...International Quilt Festival in Houston with my oldest DD on Friday next week.
one of my favorite things...sitting under a big oak tree on a cool morning with a big cup of coffee and a homemade quilt. Heaven!

Well, lator gators. Have a great weekend.

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