Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wednesday Wonderings

outside my window...branches swaying in the breeze with sprinkles of rain drops
i am thinking...God provides if you just believe.
i am thankful
i am wearing...sandles and short sleeve shirt
i am my farm looked before hurricane LILLY
i am listening to...zydeco in my sewing room
i am going...soon have a road to the back of my barn.
i am currently reading...blogs
i am hoping...Mr. Brooks jr. has enough cleared to show Sammie on Halloween
i am looking forward to...International Quilt Festival in Houston
one of my favorite things...those Anita's Arrowhead easy to make.

My grandson, PJ, is in the hospital with pneumonia from exposure to all the black mold in his mother's house. Long story that makes me angry so I won't go into it.  DH is at hospital now so mom can take bath etc and get DGS's school work. I fear lots of problems from this that will cost my DH money he does not have.

But for happier news! The son of the man I have been bugging to bulldoze my farm has contacted me. We went to the farm and he gave me a price to start project that was within my budget so he will start as soon as he can get his equipment to the farm. WHOO HOO!!! Only problem is that once we have access to the farm, I probably will be spending every moment I can there cleaning and cutting down chicken trees (evasive Chinese popcorn trees - called chicken trees because only thing they are good for is a roost for the chickens to rest.) I have 40 acres to clear. How do you clear 40 acres? One tree at a time!!! LOL.
More good news - DD#2 got me some embroidery work for teacher shirts. She made me laugh. Teacher wanted to know if I would do 6 for $39 with the designs she picked and her name. I had to laugh b/c the designs she picked were very colorful. 
DH cut the bookcase to fit in studio closet. Only problem is that only one will fit in space I have. I decided that the other one could be placed near door with UFO's on it until I get to the other closet and I would put the embellishment bins in the closet b/c it fits the space.  That big box of pictures will have to come out of the closet and go somewhere else.
Well, I am off to work on Saints Stars and other projects. 

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