Thursday, October 28, 2010

Clearing the Farm

I am so excited that I don't know what to do with myself. Last year, I promised my Sammie (oldest natural granddaughter) that she could have her 16th birthday party at the farm. I was so disappointed when we couldn't get the man to come to clear the land. So her 17th birthday party was our goal this year, but that didn't happen either. Then she and I decided that she would have a Halloween Bash at the farm b/c Mr. Brooks Sr. said he would be there before Oct. 9th, but time was passing too fast so she made arrangements to have it else where. I felt so bad that I couldn't keep my promise 3 times b/c I believe that if you promise then you deliver and I didn't. My heart hurt so much!

But at noon this afternoon, I met with Mr. Brooks jr. the son of the gentleman I have been trying to get to clear my farm for 3 years and we agreed on a price. At 4pm, he called me to tell me that he had started the clearing. How's that for speed? So Pape, Spirit, Chris, and I put off homework duty and drove to the farm. 

Now for 3 years, I have not been able to see the barn or drive on the property. I was very pleasantly excited to be able to drive right up to the barn. In 2 hours, he had cleared over 3 acres of land. It still needs work but it is almost clear of chicken trees and briers.

Chris got excited b/c he knows first we clear and then he rides the 4-wheelers. He also found the second story of the barn and wanted to explore. Spirit got excited because it was dirt and she could plant flowers. I told her we couldn't eat flowers but she still wants to plant some. I will have to find out which ones are edible for salads.

Pape got excited and showed me two big trees which will provide shade for a bbq and a pecan tree. All he could talk about was the work we were going to do on the barn and the fact that we needed to go get a good chainsaw and a nice size tractor. He even started talking about leaving this house to live on the farm most of the time. Oh, how I would love that!

He decided he wants the old driveway grated down and the new one put in. That way he can have a circular driveway he has always wanted. He told Spirit she could plant flowers all around it.

Now I have to find the funds to get gravel and have more cleared. I think that I will be on a slim budget for sewing. My stash will be really on a diet but my dream of living on the farm again will be coming true if only for camping. But one day in the not too distant future, I plan on having a small house on that property hidden behind the barn. Pape doesn't want too much cleared near the road so the property remains semiprivate. It will be rather like my eldest daughter's home: You look at the drive way and think all it is is woods and then turn a corner in the driveway to see the house and yard. Our spot will be behind the barn so that it is shielded from spying eyes. I mean why live in the country if you like neighbors.

Tomorrow we are going to help work on the second driveway to the barn and I will let Pape work his magic to get more work done at a better price. This project will take time but it is like eating an elephant - one small bite and chew and chew and chew. How do you clear 40 acres of chicken trees and biers? One tree at a time. We have started!

I will take pictures to show how much magic this man worked. 
Lator Gators! I hope your Wednesday was as pleasant for you as mine was for me! Have a good rest of the week and a great week-end.

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