Monday, November 29, 2010

Design Wall

First things first!  Today is Pape's (DH) b-day. He has two! How lucky is that? My mom also had two. Today (11/29) is the date on his official birth certificate (My mom's date was 6/10) and tomorrow (11/30) is the date that his mom and family always celebrated as his b-day. (My mom's mom told her she was born on 6/18.) So Happy Birthday, Pape! 72 yrs young!
Design Wall:
On my design wall is the last step for the dresden quilt (DQ) - the borders. All I have left to do is sandwich and quilt them. Then sew them to the top and bind the result. So close and yet so far away for this turtle. Well, I don't know if it is b/c I am turtle slow or if it is b/c I have ADD and keep doing little projects like potato bags and pillowcases when I should be working on DQ.
must-do list...(3)complete dresden plates(due by December 5th Progress: ready for borders );(4)complete lotto blocks for KSG(due Dec 9th Progress 1 done)(5) complete Saints Stars(due December 15th Progress: 3/5 done);(6) complete DD#2's graduation quilt (due December 19th-25th Progress: 1/4 done) (8) organize scraps into useable pieces. (9) clean and rearrange studio - I can't find a thing.(1)complete QGA lotto blocks (2) complete embroidery on teacher shirts; (7)put binding and label on charity quilt 2. (links to each completed project)
accomplished Sunday...sewed borders for dresden.  
i am thinking....I sew too slow or my quilter's ADD is over active right now..
i am wearing..sweats.
i am currently reading...blogs.
i am finish this quilt by Saturday with borders attached today.
i am looking forward to....working on Saint Stars again.
one of my favorite things...Nadene's coleslaw and Sky's turkey

Lator Gators! Have a blessed day.


  1. mom the Dresdens are looking good. I am sure ur secret pal will love it.

  2. LOL. Happ B-day DH! Today is my big Swissy Boy's birthday, Dutch. He is sleeping in his new doggy bed now.

    Love the plates!


  3. I think everyone who has a birthday this time of year (including me) should celebrate their unbirthday in July!!! Happy birthday to your DH

  4. Wow, 2 birthdays! Lucky guy! Happy Happy Birthday!!!
    Still love the dresden plates!!

  5. The Dresden plates are sure purty! Happy BD to your Pape.

  6. The Dresden plate quilt is great, the red and black are quite dramatic. (I had to enlarge the picture before I realized the floral print was on the bed and not the border for the quilt! LOL).

  7. You are getting there! You will love it when you finish. Happy BD to your DH, celebrate with him every day possible!

  8. Happy belated b'day to DH! And you are sooo close finishing the Dresden Plates!