Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nov 17th NaBloPoMo

must-do list...(1)complete lotto blocks for QGA; (2) complete embroidery on teacher shirts #6 has same as teacher but with the name (due Wednesday Progress:done); (3)complete dresden plates (due by December 1st Progress: 1/3 done);(4) complete Saints Stars (due December 15th Progress: 3/5 done);(5) complete DD#2's graduation quilt (due December 19th-25th Progress: 1/4 done) (6) complete lotto blocks for KSG; (7) put binding and label on charity quilt by Thursday only needs label).

accomplished Tuesday...
took DH to eye doctor, went to QGA meeting, got sick, worked on teacher shirts, and charity quilt binding,.
i am thinking....I will work on charity quilt binding and finally have a finish. Soon I will have 2 and then 3.
i am wearing... favorite attire-sweat pants and sweat shirt.
i am nice it is NOT to have deadlines. But alas I will have them until May.
i am listening to....zydeco on radio.
i am spend the afternoon with DGD#1 at Barnes & Noble
i am currently reading...blogs.
i am hoping....whatever is making my throat and ears scratchy and my voice hoarse passes very quickly. I HATE being sick.
i am looking forward to...the Stitch Witches guild meeting Thursday night, finishing dresden plates, and cleaning/organizing studio. C A told us to call our sewing room that since it sounds better when you tell people you spent the whole day in your studio than you spent the whole day in your sewing room.
one of my favorite things...drinking a cup of Community coffee while binding a quilt.
my mood...a bit better because Art Rightis isn't as bad and meds are working for congestion.

Lator Gators! Have a blessed day.

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