Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Nov. 2nd NaBloPoMo

Ask and you shall receive. I asked for a slow soaking rain and boy, I got it for 2 whole days. My dust should be settled by now. So tomorrow I will go to the feed and seed stores and pick up some short rye and bermuda grass seed to spread over the damp dirt. Soon all will be green and lush. 
outside my window...rain drops are dancing down the leaves.
i am thinking...that Arthie needs to stay away b/c my hands and back ache way too much.
i am thankful for...days w/o pain.
i am wearing...dress slacks and a blue striped shirt.
i am remembering...all that I need to do.
i am listening to...the tv in the other room.
i am going...Houston on Friday.
i am currently reading...blogs
i am hoping... my grandson Gavin stays healthy during this phase of his marine training.
i am looking forward to...having a Christmas bonfire at the farm.
one of my favorite things...watching my grandchildren play/fight/argue/reactl

Have a great day. Lator, gators!

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