Monday, November 1, 2010

Day 1 NaBloPoMo

This month I have promised to blog each day. So here is the first entry for November:
November 1st: 

outside my breezes are making the branches brush the screen.
i am thinking...I need to practice DADTDA more (Don't ask; Don't talk; Don't act!)
i am thankful sweet husband.
i am wearing...nightgown and perfume.
i am remembering...happier times.
i am listening to...the branch scratch on the window.
i am go to bed soon b/c it is late and I am tired.
i am currently reading...blogs
i am hoping...that before I die I will understand why and when.
i am looking forward to...International Quilt Festival in Houston this Friday.
one of my favorite things...snuggling under a quilt on a cool night.

Good nite gators. Have a blessed day.

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