Sunday, November 7, 2010

Nov 7 Stash Report & NaBloPoMo

Stash Report:
Added this week:    8.917 yards 
Added YTD:       - 182.417 yards
Used this week:       0 yards
Used YTD:            107.13yards
Stash Reduced/Enhanced-75.287 yards

Those numbers are going in the wrong direction but soon I will have used numbers to show. Besides I spend two days looking and fondling the sweetest fabrics in Houston and only came home with 8.917 yards. All of it has a purpose except 1.5 yards of hand-dyes that I get every year. Soon I will have enough to do a quilt. Whoo hoo!

I bought 1 1/6 yards to make a pillowcase for my grandson's bday present and 6.5 yards for my niece's wedding quilt. Now that purchase was hard! She asked for pink and brown - pink is one of my no-no colors especially pale pink shades. 

I had lots of fun in Houston and took pictures with my camera, phone, and daughter's camera then read in program that I can't post them w/o giving credit to quilter and IQFH. Well, I have no problem with that except that I didn't get the quilters' names. Oh, well. I loved the quilts but not many of them survived the husband test. "Would your husband sleep under that quilt?" It seems that each year more and  more quilts are art quilts and not bed quilts. 

I loved the pineapple quilts and even bought the book & ruler for myself and Pam, BFF. Well, it is time for me to get to reading 3 days of blogs and Judy L.'s stash reports.

Lator Gators until tomorrow.

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