Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Eve's Eve

I did good this year!!! 
     It is the 23rd and I have finished all my gifts (20) but 2. (No pictures b/c I wrapped before I thought!) The mug rug took the most time and was the ugly present (you always get one). I will have to try again. The presents, with the extra bought things, are all wrapped and bagged by family. That way I can grab presents with ease when people arrive. (Update: All presents are finished!)
     Pam,(BFF), and I have scheduled a play date on Wednesday, January 29th to sit and sew and whatever which includes a meal at Vidrine's. We have invited everyone who wants to come and join us to head to Lewisburg. I plan on working on Tanya's quilt that day. However, I, first have to clean my sewing studio. There isn't even room for me in that 12 by 20 space right now. I must admit that when I am in the sewing mood that I am messy - very messy!!! Nothing gets saved till I am done.
     I still haven't finished Saint's Stars (which will have a new name when it is finished!) but just have small borders and binding left to do. I will be working on it today while DH and DGD#2 go to funeral.
     Right now I love the US Marine Corp. After telling us all that DGS would not get leave for Christmas, they gave him the whole Christmas season as leave. Either he is a great marine or they got tired of him- I think it is b/c he is a fantastic guy. He made me feel like it was Christmas when he called. First thing he told me is that his skull quilt I made him is going back with him. He said it gets cold in NC at night. I don't know if the Marines can handle that quilt - 78 5"skulls grinning at them with watching eyeballs. It is a quilt that only a Grandma and Grandson can enjoy.
     We are cooking a pork roast tonight for Christmas eve and Christmas. I need to go get garlic, potatoes, pickles, and a few other things. Kristin, Pape, and I plan on spending a quiet Christmas visiting other family members or not. I am hoping to have visitors on Christmas Eve but that is always a surprise. Then on the 26th, we are traveling to BFE for a family party. Pape says that someone had best know that they are loved!!!
     Lator, Gators! Have a blessed and merry Christmas. Just remember the Reason for the Season.


  1. We will be there tomorrow. Our whole crew except for the Marine DGS who may or may not be passing by with his dad. If not the whole crew will be here on Sunday when ya'll come.

  2. I loved your report on all that's going on - it's so interesting to see the lives of others when they're similar to our own don't you think? :) I'm thrilled for you that your grandson is getting to come home - what a gift that will be. My sewing room looks like yours - no room in the inn! But later today I'll get in there. Already I've mopped and waxed, washed and scrubbed, dusted and put back in place. Now I'm cleaning off my desk which looks a lot like my sewing room! Merry Christmas! blessings, marlene