Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!!! May your Christmas be blessed with Peace and Joy. May Jesus gift you with many blessings.

Ho Ho Ho!
 Christmas eve was filled with people, food, and noise until the end.  First, my DD#1 and her DH came with 3 of their 6 children for lunch. My DSIL and DGSs gave me a wonderful Christmas present. They cleaned the gutters around my carport which wasn't too bad since the 3 pine saplings were not more than 12 inches tall. LOL My DSS and DGS PJ were in and out all day. They had lunch with us and then washed DSS car. That caused a problem since something got wet and DH, Pape, got into the fix. Off they went around 3pm to get parts - trash talking as they rode! I took that opportunity to take a nap since I had been up since 5:30 preparing food and cleaning house. Then after nap, DD#2 showed up with DGD#1. They gave me three outstanding presents - 1) calendar from Handcocks with lots of coupons; 2) a santa on a ladder to add to  my collection; 3) DD#2 redid the 90 year old frame and matted a picture of my dad, brother #1, and myself taken over 50 years ago and developed over 40 years ago by DB#1. 
Then things began happening~ Eggnog started it!!! Whiskey that was over 30 years old was added. Then someone added Sherry and another added SloGin and Flavored Gin. Before you know it we had a party going on with people coming in and out and in and out until 11pm. DD#2 and her friend loosened up and joined in the conversations which ran a long theme of subjects. DSD#2's ex came pick up DGS and the party continued with more people. I sure was glad that I had stuck to my Arizona Stress Free Tea since Pape tried a little (meaning more than a glass) of everything that was going around. Leeapaul just laid on our legs and watched like I was. At the end, those that weren't imbibing drove those who were home. I think everyone had a great time - I know I did watching the going ons. Today, with all the hangovers, should start late and be rather quiet and peaceful. I plan on sewing and resting and relaxing and letting my ears rest from all the noise. Tomorrow we drive to BFE to DSIL's for another day of family and fun.  
Hopefully, Christmas Day will be filled with food, immediate family, and peace. 

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