Thursday, December 2, 2010

DPQ binding done.

Spirit mad mug
back of DPQ
The binding is on and the label is soaking. It is done!!! I hope that my secret sister likes it b/c I really do. Pape is complaining b/c I made 4 quilts this year and all four went to other homes. In 2011  for every quilt that leaves, he will get one. Since I have 1 due in May and probably 2 charity quilts due, got to piece his soon and send it to DD#1! Blocks made.
Spirit was mad because I wouldn't let her pose in front of the quilt nor would I take a picture of her backside look. LOL
Lilly is about to pop! I will soon be looking for homes for those puppies. Any one want a sweet yorkie mix puppy(we might even deliver)...can't tell what mix they are except that my yorkie, Leeapaul, is in the mix. Since I didn't want her to go to the pound/shelter, I took her just as she was. We love her to death as Pape says - I finally have myself a dog.
Tomorrow we are off to BFE to deliver the quilt and b-day present for my DD#1 to deliver Tuesday. Boudin balls, links, and cracklins are on the menu tomorrow. Whoo hoo!!!
must-do list...(5) complete Saints Stars(due December 15th Progress: 3/5 done);(6) complete DD#2's graduation quilt (due December 19th-25th Progress: 1/4 done) (8) organize scraps into useable pieces for bonnie Hunter class. (9) clean and rearrange studio - I can't find a thing. (10) make pillowcases for all grandchildren from stash and potato bags for daughters. (due December 25th Progress 3 of 7 bags made and 1 of 14 made;(1)complete QGA lotto blocks (2) complete embroidery on teacher shirts; (7)put binding and label on charity quilt 2. (3)complete dresden plate quilt4)complete lotto blocks for KSG (links to each completed project) If I keep this up, I will finish my must-do list by January 31st.
Lator, Gators. Have a blessed rest of the week.


  1. you are bringing DD#1 some Boudin right???? I think the quilt turned out great and that your secret sister will love it

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