Friday, December 31, 2010

Reflections on 2010

Goals for 2011:
To use time wisely and make every minute with my DH count.
To use my money wisely and not spend/loan without looking to future needs.
To see the good no matter what is happening. 
To find my bliss within and outside of the sewing studio. 
To spread joy to those who need it. 
To keep my opinion silent even when asked for it unless it is about fabric or quilts.
To remove myself physically and mentally from those who would destroy my bliss because they haven't found theirs. 
To become physically stronger and healthier by walking and eating my veggies. 

Well, 2010 is almost over.  In about 4 hours, it will be 2011. I don't know what the year will bring. I hope that it brings more peace and acceptance within my family.  I hope that 2011 brings much happiness to my daughters, step-daughters, and step-son. All 7 deserve happiness but sometimes forget that happiness has to start from within not from others.This year has had lots of ups and downs like a dang roll-a-coaster. Sometimes it went up and down so fast that I couldn't keep a level head which caused problems. Although some say, I just like to start trouble b/c I am the original she-devil.LOL
I have spent/loaned out all my savings willingly and lovingly with promises from those who received to repay and hopefully that will happen in 2011 b/c it didn't in 2010. Until it does, I am on a very short leash financially, but plan on paying out as many bills as I have money to do as quickly as possible(which means more money for quilting and travel/camping). I have plenty of fabric and supplies to keep me happy sewing. All I will need is batting and I should be able to afford at least 3 batting purchases a month. 
Another thing that I would like to happen is the sale of the land in New Iberia. That money is dedicated towards fixing a place on my farm in Lawtell for DH, Grandchildren, and myself. Yep, I am land poor as my granddad liked to say. But that land means so much to the future because of the past.
Hopefully 2011 will see a reduction in my DH girt and his kidney functions will stabilize. It scares me totally to know that he is extremely close to dialysis. His doctor feels that will happen within 2 years or sooner if things don't change. His blood sugars are up & down right now so hopefully that too will level out. 
As for my health, well, hopefully I won't stress over things I can't control, which is just about everything, and the skin problems, thyroid functions, high blood pressure from weight, and arthritis bouts will level out. These are better as 2010 ends so I have high high pie in the sky hopes. Oops there goes another rubber tree plant.
Well, that is TMI but I needed to say it and only a few people will bother to read this so it was a good place to unload.
Lator Gators. May 2011 hold all you want. You control how you deal with the year. Deal with happiness, contentment, bliss, and love. May you look back on this next year with favor.

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  1. Love your philosophy for the new year! Wishing you much blessing, happiness and love!