Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thoughts for 2011

Goals for 2011:
To use time wisely and make every minute with my DH count.
To use my money wisely and not spend without thought.
To see the good no matter what is happening. 
To find my bliss and not let others take me out of that zone. Life is too short to live life worrying about how others might view what you do or say.
To spread joy to those that need it. 
To keep my opinion silent even when asked for it unless it is about fabric or quilts.

Project Names:
UFO's - Unfinished Objects
MUF's. - Masterpieces Under Fermentation
PhDs - Projects Half Done
PIGS - Projects in Grocery Sacks
WIP - Works in Progress
WISP - Work in Slow Progress
WHIMM - Works Hidden in my mind
Wombat  - Waste of money, batting and time
TGIF's  - Thank God it's Finished!  


  1. love your project names. Happy New Year

  2. I love the project names especially the WISPs, Wombats and TGIFs. :D