Saturday, December 18, 2010

Saints Stars Process 3

Oh, I was doing a dance of joy! I had finished my Saints stars Quilt. It was quilted and ready for borders and then disaster struck. I had turned 4 stars the wrong way and had not noticed. At first, I thought it does not matter but every time I looked at the quilt I saw those 4 stars! So I decided to show Steven and if he liked it that way I would put the borders and be finished. He loved the quilt but every quilter that saw the quilt immediately saw the error. So I decided to fix it.  
blocks waiting for repair
So I very carefully cut out the offending centers and the batting under them and am now in the process of replacing them with more embroidery going the right way. LOL In the meantime, DH has decided to kidnap me from the sewing studio twice for all day excursions. Today we have plans that will take most of the day  and tomorrow DH bowls all day about 100 miles away. So this quilt will not be finished for Monday unless I clone myself!
Tanya, DD#2, graduates from college today and we are all very excited. It has been a very hard road for her since she is a single mom of a very lovely but headstrong teenage girl. Now she will be looking for a teaching job which she will have no problems getting since she is a mature first year teacher who comes from a teaching family - mom, grandma, grandpa, aunt, great-great aunts, and sister.
Well, I am off to get ready for the ceremony which happens in 4 hours but we have to be there in 2.
If I have repeated information in this post, I am truly sorry but these are the items on my mind right now.   
Lator, Gators. Have a blessed weekend. Merry Christmas to one an all.

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