Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Saints Stars

I took the quilt to the bowling lanes to show Steven. He loved the quilt and did not see the error but several others did including the quilters who were there. So I have decided to embroidery new squares and replace them some way or the other. I just can't leave it the way it is! 
My DD#3 asked me to do some embroidery for her to give as Christmas gifts. So while I have the machine set up for that, I can make the replacement squares. I will also finish making the borders for the Saints Stars and get the binding ready too. That way I can get it finished by next Monday.
I will be making pillowcases after I get that ready. Christmas is coming!
I spent the day with DH. I actually cooked a big pot of Potato, Egg, & Meatball stew but first we had to go to WalMart and buy some pots. My Stepson borrowed my cooking pot and skillet two weeks ago and never returned them. No harm done - I got two new pots!!! Then DD#3 called and wanted the embroidery today instead of the planned Wednesday afternoon...children think their parents should drop everything to tend to their wants even as adults. So after supper I did the gift shirt and gave it to her. Then I came home and did hers. I will bring it to her tomorrow when I am out and about...after all it is only 50 miles out of my way. LOL.
Tomorrow my plans are to sew 3 more border strips before driving to deliver my daughter's shirt to her school and then drive to my DD#1 & 4's work and pick up my Secret Sister quilt. After that I need to go to BQ and purchase some more black thread so I can finish Saint Stars. Then home for homework duty and more sewing. A very full day as usual. Won't be able to take my sleeping meds tonight since when I do I sleep until 9am without them I am up at 5am.
Lator Gators. I am off to bed to snuggle under warm covers with my DH. Have a blessed week!

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