Saturday, January 22, 2011

Stash Report week 4 2011

Really like this fish border
fabric purchased for wedding quilt
I tried! I really tried! I hunted in my stash and found some fish border fabric but there was only 2 yards of it. I needed a minimum of 3 1/2 yards. So I bought 4 1/2 yards to use.

The Krotz Springs guild is doing "Wonderful 1 Fabric Quilts by Kay Nickols" on February 21st. It seems to be easy with complicated results which are the kind of quilts I like.
Stash Report:
Fabric Added This Week:  -4.5     yards
Fabric Added YTD:           -5.81   yards
Fabric Used This Week:     0.93   yards
Fabric Used YTD:              7.295 yards
Reduction/Enhancement:  1.485 yards

My numbers don't look like I have been working but that is because I don't count quilts until they are quilted, bound, and labeled. So all that is counted are 3 potato bags. I have several projects that will increase my numbers hopefully before February. Some just need for me to sit and sew binding which is usually a joy but lately a chore. LOL
1) "Saints' Star Season" is in the process of being bound. I stopped working on it after the young man went back on our deal. It is sitting in the corner waiting for binding. My DH has claimed it as his and my DSIL, Brian, has put in a bid for it too. (est.10 yards)
2) My DD#1 has "Palmetto" and is custom quilting it. I figure she will get it done by next Saturday since she has 2 others to get done in early February. It is my UFO #6 for the Judy L. Challenge. (est.7 yards)
3) "Frogs for Spirit" is also waiting for binding. I have been cutting and sewing the binding. That quilt has such an interesting history. It was started by my youngest daughter who soon found that she doesn't have the patience or knack for piecing. Then it went to my oldest daughter to be 'fixed' after which it sat in my sewing room for 2 years waiting for quilting. When I gave the quilting frame and Phaff to my oldest daughter, the quilt went with it. She quilted it and now it is waiting for binding. (I can't count much of this one since I don't remember if DD#1 used the backing I provided or not. (.5 for binding))
4)Carol Hilton, longarm quilter, gave me my "Orange Tom Cat" back Thursday. It was with her since July. Next week I will work on giving 'Tom' a face, ball of yarn, and a small mouse not to mention putting the binding on. It is adapted from a pattern my mom crocheted for my girls when they were young.(est. 7 yards)
5) I have been working on Tanya's Graduation Quilt-adapted from "Auld Lang Syne" by Cate Tallman Evans and all the blocks are now done in a larger version. I will be working on the red border and finding a final border to complete it hopefully by Tuesday. (est. 5 yards)
I will show pictures tomorrow on Design Wall Monday.
Well, Lator Gators! Have a blessed Sunday and may the fabric you need find its way into your stash before you need it.


  1. mom i used all the pink backing you provided for spirits' quilt and pieced in the white/pink from my stash for what the pink was short on in width

  2. Sounds like you've got a lot of bindings to sew. I love that part of the quilt, personally. I've been at a huge quilt show this week so my total 'buy' went up. . . .

  3. Once you get everything bound, you are going to have great numbers. Looking forward to the pictures tomorrow! Liz

  4. I don't count mine either until the layers are quilted. Helps me finish the project. Sometimes, getting the binding on does become a chore. I was thinking that last week. LOL

  5. Your report looks good to me! I don't count mine either until they are done, I need all the incentive I can find to stop a new project until "some" are finished.

  6. Can't wait to see how your numbers jump after all the bindings are done!

  7. Sounds a big leap into the black by February.