Monday, January 17, 2011

Fabric Found

Well, I started sorting bins of fabric. I found a small bag of the fabric I needed. My DD#1 also looked in her stash and found 2 yards of the fabric. Now I have a big mess in my studio because I haven't finished sorting all my fabric by color.
Sorting your stash really makes you take a good look at yourself and your stash.  I learned that I really do not need to buy any more fabric for a long time. Red, black/grey, and assorted panels seem to have taken over my stash. I especially don't need to buy any more red. Pink is even represented and I don't even like pink. Lots of teals, blues, browns and earth colors but very little yellow and neutrals.
I have only one problem with my stash sorted and neat. It allows my DD#1 to come shopping in my stash. Oh, well! You solve one problem to create another! Having DeeDee shop in my stash is not that large of a problem, since she doesn't come to my house but maybe twice a year. She also does all my quilting now so I guess a little fabric is worth the great job she does.
Well, I am off to finish sorting fabric and to cut 2 by 2 1/2 inch squares to finish Tanya's quilt. 
Lator, Gators. Have a blessed day and may the fabric you need migrate to your stash before you need it!

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  1. yes, sorting fabric is a good task once in a while. I usually do this before a big shopping trip. I often find that I have an abundance of one color and little of another so that gives me some ideas of what to shop for and what to leave on the shelves of the quilt shop