Saturday, February 5, 2011

UFO List Update 2/6/2011

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    UFO List for 2011 
    • 1) DJ's Graduation Quilt Result Needs  4 blocks finished and put together.
    • 2) Big Mike's Quilted Jacket Result Back done. Needs sleeves and front.
    • 3) Xavier's Puff X's and O's Result  Needs puffs closed & backing.
    • 4 ) Cat's antique  Result 2 blocks done. Need 18 more.
    • 5) CA Mystery 1 Result  Blocks all made. Needs to be sewn into top
    • 6) CA Mystery 3   Binding and Label needed.
    • 7) Message Center for Jeff Result  Needs lettering and backing,
    • 8) BOM StarsResult 4 months done.
    • 9) CA Mystery 2 Result  90% of blocks put together.
    • 10) Kats - Red & Black   At quilter
    • 11) Motorcycle Quilt - Remembering Result  Wall hanging or quilt. 
    • 12)Mystery from Hell Result Pieces cut. 
    • a) Tanya's Graduation Quilt   At quilter
    • b) KSG Mystery Result Material selected.
    • c) Round Robin Quilt (Quilting only) Result  Needs backing and to be sent to quilter.
    • d) KSG Challenge  Result Pattern selected.
    • e) Alexis' Purple Faux Wedding Ring  ResultNeeds to be made larger
    • f) T-shirt Quilt for DGD Result Needs more T-shirts.
    • g) Trivets Result  Needs to be sewn together
    • h) KSG Challenge 2 Result Pattern selected.
    • i) Batik Leaves Result  All blocks made. Top needs to be constructed.
    • j) Onederful One Fabric Quilt Result Center made needs borders and backing
    • k) Hexagon Stash Result Needs more hexagons cut from stash.

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