Thursday, March 31, 2011

10 Interesting Days

For the last 10 days, Pape (DH) and I have traveled to Tennessee and back. It was a very interesting trip with lots of ups and downs.
Wednesday, we started later than we wanted. We ate a late lunch in Natchez. Then we traveled to Vicksburg, Ms. There was no room at the camp ground for us. No problem since we have a generator. Problem:The batteries that ran the generator were dead...seems we have a ground out problem somewhere. DH sweet talked the park attendant into letting us camp at a site that had been unclaimed. So we had heat and lights and water. Every one was happy.
Thursday, we headed to Tunica, Ms. It was a lovely drive. There was plenty of room for us at the park except that my DH felt that the site was too far from the lodge. I got lots of binding done as I waited for DH to finish his visit at the casino.
Friday, we drove to Bartlett, Tennessee and parked in the parking lot of the bowling lanes. It had gotten cold as we drove so it was in the 50's when we arrived. We decided to eat at the pizza place next door to the bowling lanes. The onion rings were so-so but the veggie pizza was excellent. It was cold that night and we didn't have heat or lights that night.
Charlene & Brenda
Glow in the dark space
just because it is pretty
Saturday, it was cold and wet. I was just a bit miserable but DH was happy. I found the quilt shop, Klassy Katz, recommended by my block partner. It was within walking distance and the owners very friendly with beautiful fabric to feast my eyes on. Brenda, my block swap partner, met me and we shopped for fabric together. Then we had lunch at Fresh Slices. Yum! I went back to the bowling lanes warm, full, content, and very happy. Thanks to Brenda. 
It was so cold and damp, I went into the bowling lanes and watched my DH bowl his last 3 games. Then we drove to the next bowling lanes on the other side of Memphis. We had supper at Sonic and then DH went into the bowling lanes. I watched the people  cutting up in the parking lot which was very entertaining. DH came back and we went to bed under 9 quilts with all the dogs sleeping on top and sides. I didn't sleep too well until I realized that there was a security guard and my dogs barked anytime someone got within 10 feet of the RV. 
Sunday, it was even colder when we woke up so we ran the engine for a while to warm up the RV enough to get dressed. Then I put the dogs under the quilts and went with DH into the lanes. I sewed bindings while DH  bowled. After he finished that 6 games, we headed back to Tunica. Boy, I was happy and so were the dogs! Electricity and water! Then trouble hit again. The toilet wouldn't flush and I 'lost' my keys. I wanted to hide under my quilts until the sun shined again. DH tried to cheer me up but nothing worked not even a chance to have dinner at a Paula Dean buffet. But I did sleep comfortably that night even though there was a hail storm. LOL
Monday, It was still cold as heck (45 at its warmest). Well, I figured out why the toilet was not working...DH forgot to pull plug stop out. Then I found my keys under his bowling bag. My mood lightened so we went to the casino for lunch/dinner and I got to visit the Paula Dean buffet. 
Tuesday, we started home but got side tracked by 3 more casinos that DH hadn't visited for 3 years. We ate lunch at the Hollywood and it was pretty good especially the chocolate pecan clusters. I went back to the RV and sewed more bindings while DH explored two casinos.  We decided to spend the night in the RV park at the third casino. Pape went have supper in the casino while I supped on my favorite light meal of green bean salad since I had had enough rich food. It poured down that night and got cold again. Very cold.
Wednesday, after a late start (nobody wanted to get out from under the quilts not even the dogs, we drove to Vicksburg. We wanted to go to Harlow's but missed the road somehow. We hit all three casinos in Vicksburg and spent the night at the first RV park.
Thursday, we drove to Natchez and had lunch. We then drove home to find DGD Kristin at home with her car parked in the driveway. My DS had parked his car under the camper's carport so we parked behind him. Tomorrow, DH and DS will move the car and RV to better positions. 
All in all, I had a great time even with the ups and downs. I met lots of nice people, got to stroke lots of fabric, and finished most of Dee's binding projects. After hearing the weather forecast for next week, DH wants to go back. That may be a later trip. Only next time I will know to pack for winter and summer weather. LOL.
Lator Gators, May the fabric you need find its way into your stash.

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